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Late 15th century - Renaissance

Scottish Wars of Independence
Hundred Years War
More Hundred Years War
More Napoleonic
Ancient - Dark Ages
More Ancient - Dark Ages
The Way of the Horse and Bow
Late 15th century - Renaissance
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"This knight...brought with who had been hardened in certain wars which had raged in their country. They were huge feeders, and deep carousers...often unruly and noisey in their wassail. Though from a remote and somewhat barbarous island, they yet believed themselves to be the most perfect of men on earth."
Swiss Crossbowman, Nancy, 1477
120mm Warriors
destroyer of the Valois Duchy of Burgundy
a nicely detailed bow ratchet still needs completion
Imai/Imex 1/12th scale plastic kits.  Very good (& cheap) studies in armor.  Left to right - mid-late 15th century Italian/Milanese armor with great bascinet; early 16th century 'Maximilian' style fluted armor; early-mid 16th century tonlet armor for foot combat; early-mid 16th century armor based on that owned by Otto Heinrich, Count Palatine of the Rhine


Late 15th C. Knights from MiniArt in 1/16th scale
L-R: Duke of York; Sir John Sales; German Mercenary
Plan to remount these three as a mini-diorama; something with castle walls & weeds...
Tournament armor with Stechhelm, circa 1500
1/8th (?) scale Aurora

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